Anchor Concrete Products Ltd.

Member Since: 2017

Baseline Year: 2015

Baseline GHG Emissions: 476.66 tonnes CO2-equivalent


About the Member:

  • Founded in 1969 in Kingston, Anchor is a family owned and operated business with deep ties to the Kingston community. Anchor Concrete manufactures precast concrete infrastructure products that are the building blocks of cities and municipalities.  The company supplies products to a wide range of industry sectors including transportation, electric utilities, storm water, waste water, solid waste and landscaping.  
  • Anchor continues to explore the use of its products in solar, wind, and other sustainable living projects. 

Highlighted Sustainability Projects:

  • Current: 
    • Anchor is studying its moment by moment electrical demands to decease peak energy demand and overall electrical usage.
    • They run a corporate recycling program and are currently in the process of calculating waste diversion.
  • Historical:
    • Anchor has won multiple international awards for the Creative Use of Precast by designing and building infrastructure products with a focus on sustainability.
    • Anchor was awarded the Sustainability Award from the National Precast Concrete Association for energy saving LED light installations in the manufacturing facility.
    • Anchor has reduced its potable water consumption by 65% through the use of water conservation devices.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: