Art Noise

Member Since: 2017

Baseline Year: 2016

Baseline GHG Emissions: 16.17 tonnes CO2-equivalent


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About the Member:

  • Art Noise offers an unique and complete range of artist materials for every level of creator in one location. It is the showcase for the Tri-Art Family of Products. Tri-Art Mfg. is a local, family run company that started producing artists' acrylic paint as an off-shoot to an art supply store and gallery in Kingston called Art Noise. They began production on a small scale in the back of the store, producing one line of professional, acrylic colours.

    Tri-Art's original goal was to produce the best product possible for artists. To this day, making quality products for every level of expression has remained their objective. Their family of products has grown to include acrylic, oil, ink, airbrush, watercolour and tempera paint lines for both professional and amateur painters.

Highlighted Sustainability Projects:



  • Reduced 21% and 38% of GHGs related to electricity and water respectively

  • Reduced 22% of water usage

Greenhouse Gas Emissions