Sustainable Kingston's Green Economy program supports and recognizes organizations that are accelerating the shift to a low carbon economy.

With guidance and tools from the program, members of the network are leading by example by measuring, reducing, and setting targets on their carbon footprints.


How it works

The program is run under a membership model. Members gain access to a suite of resources that help them advance sustainability within their organization. 

  • Carbon Footprint Services*
  • Annual Sustainability Reports
  • Sustainability Recognition
  • Access to a Database of Sustainability Projects
  • Access to Seminars & Workshops

Working directly with program staff, our members are able to move sustainability from an idea into implementation within their organization. 

Meet the Network:

Want To Know more?

Check out our Green Economy program video showcasing a montage of a few of our Green Economy Members.


The Colab Network:

The Green Economy program is one of seven social enterprises across Ontario convening networks of businesses setting sustainability targets with the support of Sustainability CoLab.  The CoLab network comprises 230 businesses, who have collectively reduced 45,000 tonnes of CO2e, and are committed to reducing another 60,000 tonnes (and growing!).

Together we’re demonstrating that a more sustainable economy is possible.

New CoLab map.JPG


Green Economy is supported by the City of Kingston & aligns with both the Kingston Climate Action Plan & the Sustainable Kingston Plan.