The Green Economy program is a Target-Based Sustainability Program designed to inspire and drive direct, local Climate Action.

We are Convening a network of local businesses Committed to measuring and reducing their carbon (GHG) footprints.

Program Milestones

With support from our staff each of our members move through 5 program milestones as they work to develop, set, and implement a Carbon Reductions (GHG) Target. 

Milestones Diagram (2017).png

As an organization, we operate with a strong set of environmental ethics. We are proud of our efforts, but have been stalled for a couple years as to “where do we go from here”. That’s where Sustainable Kingston gave us that opportunity, and the chance to calculate our carbon footprint. This would not have happened without their involvement.
- James Malcolm, Owner - Trailhead Kingston

Aside from taking direct action against Climate Change, there are a number of other reasons to join the Green Economy program.

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