Nature's Way Landscaping

Member Since: 2017

Baseline Year: Measurement in progress.

Baseline GHG Emissions: Measurement in progress.


About the Member:

  • Nature's Way Landscaping is a local landscaping and design company that works with nature to create beautiful, healthy and environmentally sound landscapes across the Kingston area. Since 1993 the company has been using natural and organic plant care methods to eliminate pesticide use and build a healthier local environment. Their hardscape construction and design focuses on Low Impact Development to improve on site water management.  The owner, Terry Childs continues to look for ways to reduce the company's impact and has joined Sustainable Kingston's Green Economy program to track and reduce the company's carbon footprint. Nature's Way Landscaping is a true grassroots leader!

Highlighted Sustainability Projects:

  • More details coming soon.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

  • Measurement in progress.