Pitch-In Kingston - 2018 Registration

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Your Name
If you are registering on behalf of your workplace/organization, please include the name. If registering as an individual/informal group, please enter n/a.
If you are registering on behalf of a group, please estimate how many individuals will be participating. If you are registering as an individual, please enter 1.
Please enter the postal code of the area that you plan to clean up. If unknown, enter your home/workplace postal code.
Pitch-In Kingston runs from April 15th-22nd. Please tell us the day of that week you will be cleaning up!
This year Sustainable Kingston will be partnering with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, to encourage a stronger focus on stewarding our waterways. Are you planning or interested in doing a shoreline cleanup*? (*If so, we will send you additional information on the requirements of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup (e.g. such as recording waste) 

Thank you for registering! 

Don't forget to tag @SustainableKtwn on Twitter and use the hashtag #PitchInYGK