Green Economy Leader Support

Learn how we can help your business measure and reduce its carbon footprint. 

1. Experienced customer care

Whether it's a guide to help set up a Green Team, or a database of energy efficiency projects for an organization to consider implementing, we provide a wide set of resources that help our members improve their competitive advantage through sustainability. 


2. Carbon Accounting Software

We provide each of our members with user-friendly Carbon Accounting Software and the 1-on-1 coaching to help them measure, understand, and report on their organization’s carbon footprint.


3. Networking & events

Members of the Green Economy program will receive free passes to Sustainable Kingston's annual event season featuring sustainability thought leaders and professional networking opportunities with other like-minded organizations. 


4. Recognition

Progress that members make towards their Carbon Reductions Targets is recognized through our website, social media, and at our Annual Evening of Recognition. Measurable Carbon reductions allow members to market their environmental performance while avoiding claims of green-washing.


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