The Ambassador Hotel & Conference Centre

Member Since: 2017

Baseline Year: 2015

Baseline GHG Emissions: 666.01  tonnes CO2-equivalent


About the Member:

  • The Ambassador Hotel & Conference Centre is the largest conference facility between Ottawa and Toronto. It is committed to providing Kingston's most memorable guest experience. They provide accommodation and event space alongside opportunities for fine dining and recreation. Additionally the Ambassador is the first member of Kingston's hospitality sector to join the Green Economy program and are rapidly establishing themselves as local leaders in sustainability. 

Highlighted Sustainability Projects:


  • The Ambassador is a 3 Key member of the Green Key program
  • As the Hotel renovates it continues to upgrade its toilets to low-flow models and to replace existing light fixtures with LEDs
  • Motion activated lights have been installed in many of the Hotel's washrooms and other public spaces
  • They run an internal composting and recycling program
  • Guests are encouraged to re-use their towels

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: