Why the Future of Sustainability in Kingston is Still Incredible

Written by Kristin Mullin

Written by Kristin Mullin

Despite the uncertainty regarding the future of province led reductions to carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, Sustainable Kingston (SK) is focused on its mission and excited about the future of Sustainability in our community. The team at SK continues to lead the way in working with the community to transform our society and create a more resilient Kingston.   

Through its growing Green Economy Program (an SK program that until recently was partially funded by the Ontario Cap and Trade program), Sustainable Kingston has supported 29 local businesses in setting and achieving carbon reduction targets.  In 2017, this program recorded a reduction of over 215 tonnes of carbon emissions – this offset is the equivalent of taking 47 passenger vehicles off the road for an entire year. SK will continue to host its Green Economy Program and plans to expand it geographically to support more businesses. 

Another initiative of Sustainable Kingston is to be a leader in bringing the community together to discuss important issues such as climate change, sustainable transportation, food security, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity. SK is convening with partners such as the City of Kingston, St. Lawrence College, Utilities Kingston, Limestone District School board, KFL&A Health Unit as well as local service groups to provide bold solutions to the issues that face our community.

In just the last 12 months we have seen positive change, created by people and organizations who are willing to directly invest in our community. Some of these changes are city led, such as new electric vehicle charging stations, and the proposed active transportation plan, or grassroots led movements by our friends at Boho & Hobo or Tri-Art Mfg. 

The team at SK is more motivated than ever to continue to provide the services that support positive action in our community, with or without the support of our provincial government, but with strong local members and partners. 

To join our movement, and reduce your carbon footprint please visit sustainablekingston.com