Green Economy Leader Program

Program Milestones

Milestones Diagram (2017).png

Members progress through the milestones to guide impact reductions and program participation.

As an organization, we operate with a strong set of environmental ethics. We are proud of our efforts, but have been stalled for a couple years as to “where do we go from here”. That’s where Sustainable Kingston gave us that opportunity, and the chance to calculate our carbon footprint. This would not have happened without their involvement.
— James Malcolm, Owner - Trailhead Kingston

Milestone 1: Become a Member

You meet with the Sustainable Kingston/ team to onboard you into the program. We set up your organization’s sustainability profile and determine next steps.

Milestone 2: Measure Baseline Year GHG Emissions

With our support and carbon accounting tool, you can calculate your own carbon footprint. You establish a baseline so you can compare your progress toward reducing emissions from your business energy consumption.

Milestone 3: Action Plan & Set a Target

We work together to create an action plan and set a public-facing carbon reduction target. We take a look at which projects have the greatest impact and what incentives are available at the time to achieve your target.

Milestone 4: Implement GHG Reduction Initiatives

Now that we have an action plan and a target, it is time to implement your projects!

Milestone 5: Report Publicly & Celebrate Progress

We track your progress over time and we provide an annual report to assess progress and constantly review what the best options are for your business. Our role is to support you in this journey, which includes celebrating your achievements with public recognition. You have done a great job and we want the community to know!

*Although this is the final milestone, we celebrate your progress at every stage.

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