Green Economy Leader Program


We provide you with the support you need to accomplish your sustainability goals. We’ve been collecting best practices across diverse range of industries and organizational size and can help you find simple and effective paths forward. We help you reduce your impact and boost your capacity through green team support, collecting energy data, press releases, energy reduction supports, and many other things. All of our resources are available to you, including direct support from our team.

Carbon Accounting and Reporting

We understand that measuring your GHG emissions might sound daunting. It doesn’t have to be - we provide a user-friendly GHG accounting tool and extensive support as we work together to measure and report your GHGs.

Reporting is a key component of all sustainability plans and we want to make your job easier. We provide a comprehensive annual report on your projects, reductions, and accomplishments. We also do walk-throughs of your building and create an action plan with you that is specific to your business.

Badge System

There are 12 badges that businesses can apply for and be awarded upon fulfilling the requirements. Badges have been developed with great care by our team taking into account the six priority areas and complying with ISEAL's mission, codes of good practice, and credibility principles. All badges can be found here:



Sustainable Kingston hosts multiple events a year, bringing the sustainable community together to network, learn, share experiences, and collaborate. Membership includes free event passes too all of our events! These events range from small workshops to larger gatherings where experts from the broader sustainability community share their approaches and achievements. A couple of our signature events include the Kingston Climate Change Symposium and the Evening of Recognition! In all cases, our events provide you the opportunity to connect with other sustainability leaders.



Success ought to be shared, especially in the growing field of sustainability. We not only recognize your commitment to sustainability, but also celebrate your leadership. We use social media, events, blogs, press releases, annual reports and more to share your stories. At the centre of our recognition is Sustainable Kingston's Evening of Recognition. This community event brings together the entire sustainability community to honour our members’ efforts, share their stories, and celebrate their progress. We also present awards to organizations that made significant achievements over the previous year, as well as community sustainability awards.

Project Idea Book

A database of environmental projects that your organization can consider implementing to reduce its carbon and environmental footprint. Projects are assessed for environmental impacts, cost savings, employee engagement, and stakeholder perception.

Green Team Support

Do you want to have your team involved in your sustainability initiatives? The Sustainable Kingston/ team offers direct support to help you with this, including green team participation, coaching, and day-to-day support.

We also provide a Green Team Guide that supports your organization in setting up and empowered and well-functioning Green Team to serve as the champion for environmental progress within the organization.

The Growing Sustainability Network

Not only do you join Kingston’s growing network of sustainability champions, with over 30 members, but you also join the Green Economy Canada network of over 260 businesses across Ontario.


Take advantage of these resources to increase your sustainability! Click here to join the program.