Measuring Progress- The Sustainable Leader Awards- GHG Emissions Reductions

Join us tomorrow evening for Sustainable Kingston’s First Annual Evening of Recognition and the inaugural presentation of the Sustainable Leadership Awards!

The two final awards in the Sustainable Leadership Series will be presented to members of Sustainable Kingston’s Green Economy program. Through this program, Sustainable Kingston staff provide the tools and support businesses and organizations need to begin measuring and reducing their carbon footprints. From 2015 to 2016 members of the Green Economy program reduced their collective carbon footprint by more than 300 tonnes! The two awards will be presented to the members responsible for the Greatest Overall GHG Emissions Reduction and the Greatest GHG Emission Reduction (%). Both awards have the same nominees. 

Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation:

Managing 1519 rental properties the Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation begun tracking and reducing the carbon footprint of its portfolio when it joined the Green Economy Program in 2016. As a result, KFHC has experienced a significant emissions reduction across their portfolio. Major projects include: upgrading 250 furnaces to new high-efficiency models, LED retrofits on outdoor lighting fixtures, a conversion to a paperless office, and the introduction of programmable thermostats across the KFHC portfolio.  By embedding sustainability into its day-to-day operations, the Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation is leading the way in Kingston's transition to a low-carbon future.

Homestead Ltd:

Founded in 1954 Homestead is one of Kingston’s largest and most respected landlords. Since joining the program Homestead has begun tracking its carbon footprint and implementing energy and water conservation initiatives across its Kingston portfolio. Major projects include; lighting audits and LED retrofits in common areas, and the conversion of over 24,000 showerheads and toilets to low-flow alternatives. By taking measureable action against climate change, Homestead Ltd is leading the way for Kingston’s business community. 

While both nominees have shown exceptional reductions in their carbon footprints, every member of Sustainable Kingston’s Green Economy program has begun taking meaningful action against climate change. Click here to learn more about all the programs members.