Recognizing Commitment- The Sustainable Leadership Green Economy Most Engaged Member of the Year

Join us May 24th for Sustainable Kingston’s First Annual Evening of Recognition and the inaugural presentation of the Sustainable Leadership Awards!

One of the Sustainable Leadership Awards being presented is The Most Engaged Member of the Year from the Green Economy program. This award is assessed based on the number of times the member met with Sustainable Kingston, the organization's participation in events, and the degree to which staff at the member organization have become engaged around sustainability initiatives. 

Through the Green Economy Program, Sustainable Kingston is working with local businesses and organizations to track and reduce their carbon footprints. As a result, the program’s members collectively reduced their carbon footprints by more than 300 tonnes last year. Of the nine members that joined the program in 2016, three have been nominated for The Most Engaged Member of the Year.

The Nominees:

Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation:

Managing 1,519 rental properties in the Kingston area, the Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation began tracking the carbon footprint of its portfolio when it joined the Green Economy program in 2016. As members of the program, the team at KFHC has worked hard to make sustainability part of their day-to-day operations. The organization has established an internal Green Team, improved the efficiency of 250 furnace units, and began the replacement of 1,050 fluorescent tube bulbs to high-efficiency LEDs.


The Tea Room:

Run by students at Queen’s University, The Tea Room has committed itself to sustainability by becoming a zero-waste and carbon neutral café. Founded on the principles of Environmental Responsibility, Community Education, and Fiscal Sustainability, the Tea Room has gone above and beyond its commitment to environmental responsibility - becoming carbon neutral, speaking at Sustainable Kingston events, purchasing biodegradable packaging, and completing an energy audit for the café are some of the initiatives recently completed by the Tea Room.


Trailhead Kingston:

Owner James Malcom has committed himself and his locally owned business to the pursuit of sustainability. In 2016, with support from Sustainable Kingston, Trailhead Kingston began to measure its carbon footprint and implement initiatives and strategies directly related to reducing its emissions. Looking ahead, Trailhead Kingston has identified 22 sustainability projects for the 2017 year.

We look forward to announcing the winner on May 24th at Sustainable Kingston’s First Annual Evening of Recognition! Stay tuned to learn about the final two awards in the Sustainable Leadership Series!