Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corp.

Member Since: 2016

Baseline Year: 2014

Baseline GHG Emissions: 1,084.80 tonnes CO2-equivalent

Emissions Reduction Target: 25.5% below their 2014 baseline by 2024.


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About the Member:

  • Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation (KFHC) manages 967 rent geared-to-income units (for which the City of Kingston is the sole shareholder), consisting of 590 family household units and 377 adult units. Additionally there are approximately 503 units administered through the rent supplement program and 76 senior units under the Affordable Housing Program for a total portfolio of approximately 1519 assisted units.

Highlighted Sustainability Projects:


  • Upgraded over 300 new stove ranges with Safe-T-Elements, saving 166 kWh per stove each year.

  • Reduced 13% of GHGs


  • Exterior light fixtures are being upgraded to LED Technology upon lamp failures.

  • The corporation implemented a company-wide online system that will dramatically reduce paper use.

  • Low volume shower heads and faucet aerators are being installed when units become vacant to reduce tenant water consumption.

  • A project to replace manual thermostats with programmable models controlled via internet from a central location at KFHC is under way.

  • Winner of the Green Economy Program - Leadership at the 2018 Evening of Recognition!


  • Winner of the Green Economy Program - Greatest Percentage GHG Reduction at the 2017 Evening of Recognition! By building sustainability into their day to day operations KFHC reduced their carbon footprint by 16.5% (132 tonnes!) from their 2014 baseline!

  • Approximately 250 high efficiency furnaces have been installed in apartments and town houses, with an additional 250 planned for the remainder of the year. All new furnaces are rated at 96% average fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), complete with variable speed, direct current motors, and programmable thermostats.


  • Thermostats were upgraded for more effective temperature control.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: