Trailhead Kingston

Member Since: 2016

Baseline Year: 2014

Baseline GHG Emissions: 10.22 tonnes CO2-equivalent

Emissions Reduction Target: 20% below their 2014 baseline by 2024.


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About the Member:

  • Welcome to Trailhead Kingston, your locally owned and operated outdoor store specializing in quality outdoor gear, clothing and footwear. We also offer clinics, tours, workshops, rentals and special events. We strive to provide the best, and best value products and services to our outdoor community while operating under sound environmental ethics.

  • Check out their Eco Timeline!

Highlighted Sustainability Projects:


  • Trailhead Kingston is currently looking at ways to measure the carbon footprint of sales representatives traveling to the store for product demos, while recommending low-carbon alternatives such as teleconference meetings.

  • Winner of the - Greatest GHG % Reduction Award at the 2019 Evening of Recognition!

  • Third place for the Greatest GHG Reduction Award, with 1.5 tonnes of GHGs reduced, at the 2019 Evening of Recognition.

  • Individuals or organizations with a “Green Mission” can apply for funding from Trailhead through their Eco-Grant

  • Held Trailhead Pitchfest to source 3 locally sourced products (within 150km!) to earn the Locally Sourced Badge

  • Purchased 5.00 tonnes of C02e offests in support of the The Niagara Escarpment Forest Carbon Project to mitigate 61% of its GHG emissions for 2018

  • Reduced 29.2% of GHGs (which is beyond the committed target of 20% by 2024!)

  • Reduced its use of natural gas (17.9%), water (4.8%), and electricity (10%) since its baseline. Equivalent to power 5.9 homes and heat 2.7 homes per 1 month.


  • Winner of the Green Economy Program - Greatest GHG % Reduction at the 2018 Evening of Recognition!

  • Encouraged (and challenged) employees to reduce their take out lunch garbage (refusing straws and bags, taking their own dishes)

  • Making petitions available for staff and customers to sign for Kingston to go plastic bagless

  • Challenging (and supporting) employees to make month long enviro challenges for the month of April

  • More made in Canada brands supported at the store: Message Factory, PreLoved


  • Winner of the Green Economy Program - Most Engaged Member at the 2017 Evening of Recognition! Trailhead Kingston is an invaluable supporter of local climate action.

  • Trailhead Kingston became the first member of the Green Economy program to set a public-facing carbon reductions target! They have committed to lowering their reducing their carbon emissions by 20% below their 2014 baseline year by 2024.

  • Actively weighing weekly recycables and garbage to assess reduction opportunities and track waste

  • Target set for Canadian made products sold at Trailhead at 3%

  • Had to remove on demand water heater as it was not heating well. Replaced with efficient low volume tank that is further insulated

  • Converted to lead/wood pencils and away from mechanical that produces too much waste

  • All computers are set to turn off automatically and screen intensity set at minimum


  • Began using stapleless staples

  • Expanded Canadian made brands including Paul Brodie Shoes. Trailhead has a goal to increase Canadian made selection as a percentage of products sold each year


  • “If it’s yellow, let it..” is the mantra in the staff washroom (roughly equating to 13,000L of fresh water not flushed down the toilet per year)

  • Accepting all Patagonia clothing to be upcycled to another life as a garment


  • The store converted its compact fluorescent (CFL) lighting to light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, which resulted in an energy reduction of 15%.

  • Converted the upstairs office windows to options that can be opened, allowing for better ventilation in the summer months. This resulted in increased airflow and a decreased need for air conditioning.


  • Trailhead Kingston continued to source brands in Canada where it could to reduce its carbon footprint from purchasing. This year Bluwave Sup Boards, Land Yachtz Long Boards


  • Trailhead Kingston began a process where paper was recycled into the photocopier if it was only used on a single side.

  • Items that were returned under warranty were repaired and donated to local agencies where the supplier allows.


  • Installed on demand water heater

  • Exterior lights are on a timer to save energy, heating and cooling is all on programmable thermostat

  • They now clean our glass (which is substantial now) with special cloth’s that don’t require any cleaning products, just water

  • During a renovation in the new store we repurposed the lights (40 fixtures) and ceiling tiles (over 400) and t-bar by donating it instead of dumping. They upgraded insulation and windows.


  • Continue their commitment to abstain from buying plastic bags for merchandise sold (since ‘08), money saved from this budget gets added to the Trailhead Environmental Award


  • Establish a Trailhead Mission statement to include their environmental commitment

  • Commitment to Queen’s grad initiative to reduce energy needs by committing to 12 steps of energy conservation

  • Finish installing energy saving lighting system


  • Took a stand against bottled water and continue to encourage customers and everyone to use tap water and refill their water bottles

  • Commitments to suppliers that use environmentally sustainable fabrics and manufacturing techniques: more organic cotton, recycled polyester, PVC free products

  • Practice water conservation… reducing their water needs by 50%

  • Commit to Bullfrog power (low impact hydro and/or wind)


  • Established an in-house policy that pays staff to write letters on behalf of the environment to suppliers, politicians, whomever will listen

  • Install hot water on demand heater to conserve energy commitment made to keep store a little cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer

  • Install shower to allow staff to commute


  • Committed to 1 garbage bag per week max to be sent to the curb, they have been able to stick to that

  • Put a recycling program in place that reduced curb side garbage by 80%

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: