Trailhead Kingston

Member Since: 2016

Baseline Year: 2014

Baseline GHG Emissions: 11.34 tonnes CO2-equivalent


About the Member:

  • Welcome to Trailhead Kingston, your locally owned and operated outdoor store specializing in quality outdoor gear, clothing and footwear. We also offer clinics, tours, workshops, rentals and special events. We strive to provide the best, and best value products and services to our outdoor community while operating under sound environmental ethics.

Highlighted Sustainability Projects:


  • Trailhead Kingston is currently looking at ways to measure the carbon footprint of sales representatives traveling to the store for product demos, while recommending low-carbon alternatives such as teleconference meetings.
  • The store recently turned all of its computers to power-saving modes, which include automatic screen dimming.



  • The store converted its compact fluorescent (CFL) lighting to light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, which resulted in an energy reduction of 15%.
  • Converted the upstairs office windows to options that can be opened, allowing for better ventilation in the summer months. This resulted in increased airflow and a decreased need for air conditioning.


  • Trailhead Kingston continued to source brands in Canada where it could to reduce its carbon footprint from purchasing.


  • Trailhead Kingston began a process where paper was recycled into the photocopier if it was only used on a single side.
  • Items that were returned under warranty were repaired and donated to local agencies where the supplier allows.

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions: