Keystone Property Management Inc.

Member Since: 2017

Baseline Year: 2015

Baseline GHG Emissions: 38.03 tonnes CO2-equivalent


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About the Member:

  • Keystone is a full-service property management company based in Kingston's historic downtown. With a long local history, the company has committed to Kingston's growing sustainability movement by joining Sustainable Kingston's Green Economy Program. Starting with their building at 265 Princess Street, Keystone is working to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of their building portfolio!

Highlighted Sustainability Projects:


  • Keystone has undergone several LED and boiler retrofits across its building portfolio. They continue to retrofit their buildings on an as needed basis.


  • GHG inventory in 2017


GreenHouse Gas Emissions:


*The footprint was much larger in 2015 (38 tonnes), due to natural gas use in the first two months of the year at 259 Princess St.