St. Lawrence College

  • Kingston and Brockville Campuses

Member Since: 2016

Baseline Year: 2010

Baseline GHG Emissions: 3,199 tonnes CO2-equivalent


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About the Member:

  • With three friendly campuses in Brockville, Cornwall, and Kingston, St. Lawrence College is an integral part of the economic life and social fabric of Eastern Ontario with a close-knit community of 8,000 students, and more than 85,000 proud alumni. Hundreds are also enrolled in their online and continuing education courses each year.

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Highlighted Sustainability Projects:


  • Each year, St. Lawrence College completes a waste audit. Outcomes of past audits include a coffee cup recycling program, composting in kitchens on all campuses, and the pilot front of house compost program on Cornwall campus.

  • Winner of the - Greatest GHG Reduction Award at the 2019 Evening of Recognition!

  • Reduced 24% of GHGs

  • SLC has provisionally achieved Bronze certification in the Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment, & Rating Systems (STARS) program!

  • St. Lawrence College has adopted the Environmental Responsibility and Energy Efficiency Policy which applies to all purchases made. We are becoming leaders in using environmentally friendly and energy efficient products, and contributing to the growth of green industry.

  • The college is a member of the globally recognized Association for the Advancement of Sustainability for Higher Education (AASHE)

  • They have partnered with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) to have permanent e-waste drop-off bins at all three campuses in Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall so SLC diverts all hazardous e-waste from entering landfills.

  • The Hair Styling and Esthetics programs are now members of Green Circle Salon! Students will now learn about the effects of salon and spa waste, and how it will be diverted from landfills, all while being empowered to create a green rebellion! Visit Dynamic Design in Kingston or Transitions in Brockville.

  • The Kingston Campus donated 106 winter items which have been collected and distributed at the Student Association, International Students Hotel Dieu, and the Goodway!

  • They provide a 10 cent discount when people bring a reusable mug or thermos

  • They have biodegradable and compostable paper straws to divert plastic waste

  • During the Commuter Challenge, SLC diverted 1055 kgs of Greenhouse gas emissions, traveled 7348 km sustainably, saved over 512 litres of fuel,and burned 46074 calories! This was made possible from students and faculty choosing to reduce their carbon footprint and taking a sustainable commute!

  • There is an Eco-Container program in the cafeteria to reduce the amount of waste going into the landfill. People just have to ask the chefs to serve their food in an eco-container then drop it off at one of the locations!

  • St. Lawrence College is registered with the Blue W program. Blue W is an international network for information on where to find drinking water. To be a member, a business must show that any member of the public can fill their reusable container with safe, healthy drinking water at no cost.

  • Composting is already done behind the scenes in the many kitchens that feed St. Lawrence students. They are able to divert useful organic waste from the trash stream, and cut down on their use of plastics. They are currently doing an extensive review of their waste program and looking at expanding their organics collection program tri-campus.

  • Annual student fee of $15 toward green projects. A Green Fee Advisory Committee exists on each campus and works with the student governments and Facility Management Services to implement sustainability related projects with these funds each year.

  • Staff and Faculty Transpass Program with Kingston Transit

  • St. Lawrence College has introduced a new online carpooling program for students, staff, and faculty on the Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall campuses. Their program allows people to travel exclusively with SLC students, staff, and faculty, and is convenient, economical, and green. Sign up now at

  • New building targeting LEED Gold certification. To be certified, this building will consume 57% less energy and will have 64% less GHG emissions, when compared to a conventional building construction. 20% of materials used had recycled content and 35% was regionally sources.  100% of the wood selected was sustainably harvested and 90% of the construction waste was diverted from landfills.


  • St. Lawrence College has adopted the Environmental Responsibility and Energy Efficiency Policy which applies to all purchases made. We are becoming leaders in using environmentally friendly and energy efficient products, and contributing to the growth of green industry.

  • Winner of the Green Economy Program - Greatest GHG Reduction at the 2018 Evening of Recognition!


  • In Fall 2011, Kingston and Brockville campuses began construction of Ontario’s largest post-secondary rooftop solar installation that feeds clean energy into the grid.

  • The Kingston system sits on top of the main building and student residence, and provides 250kW of electricity with over 1200 solar panels. The Brockville project adds another 100kW with 440 panels.

  • The entire month of April 2011 was dedicated to sustainability awareness among students and staff on all 3 campuses. We had weekly challenges and prizes, daily green tips, volunteer clean up days, a reusable plastic water bottle campaign and a tricampus ‘turn it off’ hour.

  • A coffee cup recycling program was launched as a trial in early 2011 and is now an integral part of their recycling program! St. Lawrence College is one of the only post-secondary institutions in the country to have a coffee cup recycling program.


  • In 2007, St. Lawrence College invested 6.6 million dollars in an Energy Management Plan to reduce energy consumption, reduce energy costs and improve the overall building conditions for students and staff. The plan improved lighting, temperature and air quality, and resulted in an average overall energy savings of $585,000 annually.

  • The 2007 trash audit revealed a huge amount of organic waste that could be put to better use. In response, composting began in all campus kitchens and 17,000 kg of useful organic waste is diverted from the garbage stream every year.

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